Some History

Harmony Health Care started providing nursing & home support service to the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island in 1990.  But it all began a few years earlier, when the mother of one of the founders died of cancer on a busy ward in an acute care hospital.  Although she gracefully surrendered to her demise, it was no secret to her family that her heart’s desire was to die in her own home, surrounded by family and loved ones.  Unbeknownst to her daughter, this unfulfilled desire planted a seed which would soon blossom into the creation of Harmony Health Care.

The founders, myself included, were both RN’s with varied backgrounds in institutional nursing.  We enjoyed our work.  However, we were both conscious of a certain lack in our professional life.  It seemed that the nature of nursing in busy hospitals and nursing homes was incapable of providing us with the personal and professional fulfillment we were seeking.  A peculiar restlessness pervaded our consciousness and we both felt the pull of a deeper calling.  Into this frame of mind came a flash of intuition, and we realized that community nursing was our calling.  It seemed more of an epiphany than a career choice.  Thus, we “came home” to home care and Harmony Health Care was born.

Effortlessly it seemed, during the following year of research & development, our business plan and quality assurance program unfolded and our infrastructure materialized.  We committed ourselves to the ideals of service to the community and of recognizing and honouring the best in everyone.  Our goal was a health care service offering individualized attention & a caring response to the needs of all. 

The beginning years sped by.  Our good reputation enabled us to grow steadily & to provide employment opportunities to increasing numbers of health care professionals.

In 1996, Harmony invited Roger Turner of White Rock, BC to become a partner of the business.  He had a diploma in Continuing Health Care Administration and brought with him many years of valuable experience in the home health care field.  Most impressive, however, was Roger’s personal commitment to selfless service and customer satisfaction, the same ideals which had assured our on-going success.  We now began offering our unique brand of services to the communities of White Rock and the Lower Mainland as well as Victoria, Nanaimo & the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island.

Over the years, Harmony has provided over 2 million hours of community service and we have served over 15,000 people.  Harmony is well known throughout the communities we serve and we enjoy effective relationships with others in the health care industry.  A collaborative approach is part of our care model: we have consulting relationships with physicians, pharmacists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers and other para-professionals.

Our clients have been referred from all sectors within the health care industry as well as from businesses, educational institutions, advocacy groups and all levels of government.  In addition, a significant number of clients hear about us by word of mouth, and many become repeat customers.

Our Personnel

Harmony is a smaller mid-sized organization where the partners / owners adopt a hands-on approach to the day to day operations of the company.  In fact, it is not uncommon for them to deliver client care if field staff are not available.

Harmony’s owners, managers and key personnel enjoy their personal involvement with clients, staff and everyone associated with the organization.  Readily accessible, using a common sense approach, they respond quickly to other’s needs, unhampered by bureaucratic ritual.

Our personnel include RN’s, LPN’s, community support workers, resident care attendants, long term care aides, home support workers and companions.  Harmony personnel are selected on the basis of their professional qualifications, but an essential requisite is their ability to be caring & compassionate in their care delivery.  All candidates are carefully screened, including a criminal record check, reference checks and physician clearance statements.  All staff are bonded, insured (including malpractice insurance for registered staff) and covered by Worksafe BC.

All personnel participate in a comprehensive orientation program.  They are also familiarized with the care plan for each client prior to being assigned to that client.  Personnel enjoy 24 hour access to a supervisor in the event that they require support or advice from management.

On a personal level, I feel compelled to say a few words about the people that work with Harmony.  I have always been amazed and profoundly proud of their unselfish ways, especially those who have worked with us for many, many years.  Their willingness to go the extra mile in accommodating their clients & responding to requests from the office has been more than admirable.  The pride they take in their daily work makes me grateful for their stellar efforts.

Throughout the years, we have seen that our continued success is based completely on client satisfaction.  We are dedicated to making sure that each experience you have with Harmony Health Care is a positive one.


John McAlorum, RN
Director of Operations

John McAlorum, Co-owner of Harmony Health Care

Why Harmony is the preferred choice for in-home care

  • 30 years of safe, dependable care delivery
  • Services available 24 hours daily
  • Free assessment & funding investigations
  • Individualized care planning
  • Nurse case management & supervision
  • Liaison with doctors & community resources
  • Fully bonded & insured
  • Trained, caring personnel
  • Staff thoroughly screened
  • Continuity of caregivers
  • Flexible scheduling to suit you
  • No charge for cancellations
  • Affordable competitive rates
  • Excellent complement to government services

Service Areas on Vancouver Island

  • Duncan
  • Cowichan
  • Chemainus
  • Ladysmith
  • Victoria
  • Parksville & Qualicum
  • Comox & Courtenay
  • Nanaimo

Service Areas in the Lower Mainland

  • White Rock
  • Delta
  • Surrey & South Surrey
  • Langley