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Medication Monitoring Program

A Harmony care professional and clientWhen it comes to medications, it is important that they are taken according to instructions, or they may not work as intended.  As people age, more medications may be prescribed to maintain quality of life.  Some people may frequently forget to take their pills, decide not to take them when they feel better, or increase the dosage when they feel worse.  Such practices may lead to further complications.

Our friendly personnel visit according to a set schedule to ensure that the prescribed medications are taken on time and on a consistent basis.

Their regular visits are a source of comfort to the client and the client's family.  During the visit they will monitor health status and report any changes to the supervisor, who will then visit the client and consult with families, doctors, and the pharmacist when necessary

Our staff will report:

  • Any observed side effects
  • Any change in behaviour
  • Any change in health status

Harmony's Medication Monitoring Program is closely supervised and all program personnel are specially trained.

medication delivery in care facilityIf requested we can provide staff to accompany a client to the doctor and provide an up-to-date medication profile for the physician’s attention.

Harmony Health Care offers the Medication Monitoring Program to clients living in their own home or in care / independent living facilities.

Here is what some current Medication Program clients have to say:

“I like knowing that someone will be in to see me every day.”

“I like the fact that I don’t have to remember if I have taken the pills at the right time – it makes things less stressful.”

“I like having someone who knows about my pills taking me to my doctor visits.”

“I know that I am not alone- someone cares.”

Here is what some physicians have to say about the program:

“Wow, I like the Med. Profile you have given me.”

“It is nice to have someone who can give us a clear picture of the patient’s health.”

“I know the meds are being delivered as I prescribed them.”