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What people are saying!

"Dear Roger and the staff at Harmony Health,

"I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your care and dedication to my parents for the 3+ years that Harmony was put into place to care for them in their home.

"Being a great distance away from my parents was very difficult for me, not being in a position to look after their care. However from the first phone call placed everyone from Roger, to the staff and especially the excellent personnel placed in my parent's home assured me of the high quality of care given. Both of my parents experienced many health related issues which were all expertly handled. Harmony provided exceptional care, compassion, companionship and kindness always.

"I thank all of you for such a great job. Because of you my parents were able to remain in their own comfortable surroundings for a much longer period of time. For this I am very grateful. I would recommend your highly trained staff to anyone looking for your services. "

With sincere thanks,

happy customers"Your support, suggestions and opinions were greatly appreciated, and I somehow feel I could not have gotten through the last five months without you all."

~ B.B.

"Always your staff proved to be of tremendous help.  The girls were well qualified and each had something special to offer.  We were so glad to have the competence, the gentle caring and the humour."

~ M.P.

"Thank you for all you have done for my parents over the past five years.  Through all the ups and downs I learned that I could count on Harmony to be there and take charge, on many occasions at a moment's notice."

~ M.B.

happy customers"I will continue to sing your praises.  Your people have shown integrity, kindness, patience & quality of caring... the extra mile."

~ M.F.

"My most sincere thanks for the past four years of service to my husband and I.... to the office staff for tireless phoning to match my requests, to all your numerous staff who are so patient and willing to do anything and everything...."

 ~ L.G.

"Your assistance has allowed me to live independently in my home for over twelve years.... I am so grateful!"

~ G.G.

A Harmony team member"Harmony deserves great credit for providing such quality care... thanks to them my husband’s life was enriched.  He had peace of mind and was comfortable in a familiar household environment and still felt himself a part of the active world.  I cannot recommend Harmony highly enough."  

~ M.F

"...your services were always prompt and professional and we were all very impressed at how both you and your staff took a very personal obligation towards caring for my mother.  All the other organizations and doctors that we dealt with were impressed at the thoroughness of your patient charts and I feel this speaks highly of your well run organization."

~ B.B.

"Kind, considerate, and compassionate workers."

~ D.

A nurse wearing pink"…is the hardest working person I’ve had in my home.  Also, she is very aware of my needs which I really appreciate.  She always has a smile when she comes to my home." 

~ L.K.

"I've been a team member of Harmony for nearly two decades.  I'm happy to work where my contribution is valued and makes a difference.

~ J.D.

"This agency went well beyond merely being capable, it unassumingly offered support and kindness to other family members as well."

~  M.F.

RN owned and operated
for over 25 years

elderly couple

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